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Brodokk's projects

Since I pass most of my time on Resonite or with groups related to Resonite my projects are mainly focused on this one. Most of the project have been created in NeosVR but migrated in Resonite.



Groups of friends managed by Nordwick involved in many cool projects.


Groups founded by Skywind Kitsune handling different kind of event in Resonite.

Founded in 2003 by Skywind Kitsune, The United Space Force Nation is a Metaverse explorer and developer community where we share resources for building virtual worlds and share our creations and experiences with others.

Our mission is to create and provide a safe virtual space for our community members to be together.

-- Group presentation by Skywind Kitsune

The Grand Oasis

Groups of friends handling different kind of event in Resonite.

Resonite Community Project

Groups created for softwares for USFN and then The Grand Oasis seperated to a group on it's own to make them available for the rest of the Resonite community.

The French Microwave Cuisine

Personal group, nothing much on this one aside being used for sharing stuffs with friends easly.

Fairytale Framework

Special group with Zaira Wolfe, in a desire to create things together. More a pretext to do stuff but nothing much yet.

Projects - Resonite Worlds

RaveCave by HardLight

World created by Hardlight for the event MMC21. A NeosVR club world with a nice backstory and cool environment. Yet to be migrated to Resonite.

Come in and party hard with HardLight

> Visit in NeosVR

H&R Ironworks

World created by HardLight for the event MMC22. A NeosVR game where you can forge your own sword. Yet to be migrated to Resonite.

Welcome to H&L IronWorks where you have signed up to become a weaponsmith. Are you up to the task of making your perfect sword and to impress Master Blacksmith Leroy?

> Visit in NeosVR

Projects - Code


Under the group Resonite Community Projects

A tool to manage from discord and via the Resonite cloud variable a way to the access to a session for Resonite users.

> Source code

status: active


Under the group Resonite Community Projects

Simple API for Resonite for listing events from Discord and Google Aganda directly in a facet in game. Has been first created for NeosVR but the support of this plateform have been droped.

> Source code

status: active


Simple API for NeosVr for getting movies and series from a jellyfin server. The functionality are pretty basic for now. Yet to be migrated to Resonite.

> Source code

status: active


Simple key management library. Used in many project where I need to used a simple token but still be able to revoke it on the fly in the terminal.

> Source code

status: active


NeosFen(nec) is an application who started as an experiment and still not finish but at least usable. It give the ability to show the status of a NeosVR contact of the current connected user.

> Source code

status: shutdown

NeosVR headless docker stack

An opinioned NeosVR headless docker stack. Give the ability to use docker as a way to serve a NeosVR headless a docker compose stack. Its also come with a script to control it with an client in NeosVR for controlling it. Yet to be migrated to Resonite.

> Source code

status: deprecated

This is just a small list of project that I am pretty okay with them, you can find more on github brodokk@github/repository