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# Brodokk's projects

Since I pass most of my time on NeosVR or with groups related to NeosVR my projects are mainly focused on this one.

## Groups

### HardLight

Groups of friends managed by Nordwick involved in many cool projects.

### The French Microwave Cuisine

Personal group, nothing much on this one aside being used for sharing stuffs with friends easly.

### Fairytale Framework

Special group with Zaira Wolfe, in a desire to create things together. More a pretext to do stuff but nothing much yet.

## Projects - NeosVR Worlds

### RaveCave by HardLight

World created by Hardlight for the event MMC21. A NeosVR club world with a nice backstory and cool environment.
    Come in and party hard with HardLight
> Visit in NeosVR

### H&R Ironworks

World created by HardLight for the event MMC22. A NeosVR game where you can forge your own sword.
    Welcome to H&L IronWorks where you have signed up to become a weaponsmith.
    Are you up to the task of making your perfect sword and to impress Master
    Blacksmith Leroy?
> Visit in NeosVR

## Projects - Code

### NeosVR headless docker stack

An opinioned NeosVR headless docker stack. Give the hability to use docker as a way to serve a NeosVR headless a docker compose stack. Its also come with a script to control it with an client in NeosVR for controlling it. Source code

### NeosFen(nec)

NeosFen(nec) is an application who started as an experiment and still not finish but at least usabable. It give the ability to show the status of a NeosVR contact of the current connected user. Source code

### jellyfin2txt

Simple API for NeosVr for getting movies and series from a jellyfin server. The functionality are pretty basic for now. Source code

This is just a small list of project that I am pretty okay with them, you can find more on github brodokk@github/repository>